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Legal Profession
The following is a partial list of the types of equipment we commonly lease to law firms:
  • Computer equipment (desktop and laptop computers, servers, network infrastructure equipment, etc.)
  • Application software and consulting/implementation costs
  • Office equipment (copiers, facsimile machines, postage, etc.)
  • Telecommunication systems
  • Video conferencing equipment
  • Document imaging systems
  • Furniture and fixtures (workstation, desks, chairs, conference tables, etc.)

In addition to the many advantages that leasing provides, the following benefits have been identified as key to our customers:

Matching Expense and Utility
Leasing allows firms to properly match the expense of an asset with the use of the asset. We conduct an in depth consultation with our law firms and analyze their needs to determine the appropriate lease terms. As such, the expense a firm incurs for the equipment often times matches the useful life of the asset.

Hedge Against Technological Obsolescence
Leading law firms have made a commitment to keep up with technological advances. These firms have found that consistent, predictable investments in technology assets are an integral part of their formula for success. As a result, leasing’s ability to transfer the technological risk of asset ownership from the firm to a leasing partner has proven an invaluable management practice employed by many leading firms.

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