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Our typical customer has equipment lease financing requirements for a wide variety of equipment that demands different solutions.

As a result, Provident Equipment Leasing has developed the necessary remarketing expertise to offer our customers competitively priced lease products on a wide range of equipment types.

  • Lease Line of Credit – Covers multiple assets installing over time, significantly reduces paperwork, and provides for a lease rate based on the total line amount vs. smaller acquisition amounts (typically allows for a much better lease rate.)

  • Operating Type Lease – Operating type leases that qualify in accordance with FASB 13, may be expensed on a Lessee’s income statement vs. capitalized on the balance sheet, which improves many financial ratios (ROI, ROA, EPS, etc.). As such, operating type leases often provide a financial hedge against equipment obsolescence, which can be particularly useful for high tech assets. Additionally, the payments are lower than a dollar buyout lease, providing budgetary and cash flow benefits.

  • Dollar Buyout Lease – Provides a direct path to ownership, requiring no points, fees, or compensating balances unlike many banks.

  • Pro-lease – Provides an option to purchase the equipment for a pre-determined amount, and for favorable financial reporting or tax treatment.

  • High Tech Asset Lease with Flexible Upgrade Provision – Usually structured as Operating Type Leases, these leases are structured to accommodate future upgrades, add-ons or equipment swap-outs, creating additional flexibility for high tech asset users.

  • Step-payment Lease – Structured to have staggered or increasing payments over time and is specifically designed to meet the cash flow or budget requirements of customers.

  • Seasonally Adjusted Lease – Variable payments which are designed to accommodate seasonal cash flow limitations.
And many other custom lease structures. There is virtually no limit to the amount of customization that we can incorporate into a lease transaction. Simply communicate your needs and let our knowledge and experience go to work for you!

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